JACK460-Drowned Aug. 15, 1911.  St. Croix Johnson in Moisant monoplane,  International Aviation Meet, Chicago 1911.

CANCEL: Chicago, Ill. 1911...15 appears off to side in horizontal cancel over stamp.

JACK461-Tony Jannus (?). White text on bottom, hard to read.

JACK462-Johnstone "warping wings?"

CANCEL: New York, N.Y. Sta.V, Nov.1st, 1910.

Photo by Cole of Asbury Park.

JACK463-St. Croix Johnstone, Aviation Week, Chicago IL, Aug 12-21, 1911.

CANCEL: Chicago, ILL.  Aug.20, 1911

JACK464-Unmarked, but a beautiful close-up of an aviator in a biplane.

JACK465-Tony Jannus in hydroplane

JACK466-Someone has written on back: John Jurwister.  Print on front small and hard to read, but can make out that this is a Badger airplane with a Kirkham motor. Copyrighted photo.

CANCEL: Wausau, Wis. Sep 27, 1911.


JACK467-Jaquith Flying Boat, Atlantic City, N.J.

JACK468-Another view of Jaquith and flying boat at Atlantic City, NJ

JACK469-F.H. Johnson ready for flight (marked #5)

JACK470-Pauhlan is in the air while Johnson aviator (in Curtiss ship on ground) watches.

CANCEL: Oceanpark, Cal., Jan.24, 1910

JACK471-Johnson sitting in plane

JACK472-Another view of Walter E. Johnson, "Bird Man."

CANCEL: Sep 15th.  Cancel weak accept for date.

JACK473-A nice photo of aviator Walter E. Johnson.

JACK474-"Lark of the Lake"   W.D. Jones new hydro-aeroplane.

JACK475-A great close-up of St.Croix Johnstone. Photo by Inbody.

JACK476-Close-up of "John T. Kaminski,  The youngest (Polish) Licensed Aviator in the world."  July 4th. 1912 written on back.

JACK477-A nice montage of Horace Kearny and his plane.

JACK478-Kearny and (?) in plane, message dated Dec. 14, 1912.
  JACK479-Horace Kearney Missouri Aviation Champion. Souvenir of Oakland  San Francisco Aviation meet, Feb. 17-25, 1912.

JACK480-D.A.Kreamer's aeroplane,  Photo by Spenoler.


JACK481-Liet. Kirtland in his plane.  Texas City, 1913

CANCEL:  Texas City, Tex, 1913.

JACK482-Lauching Prof. Langley's plane. Langley died in 1906 and was one of early aviation's pioneers.

JACK483-Latham making start.

JACK484-Latham flying low. #10 on plane, #26 at bottom right.

JACK485-Latham in Antionette Monoplane.

Printed on back:  Benham Co., Los Angeles 1910

JACK486-A great shot of Latham in flight over San Francisco, Jan. 7, 1911.Copyright on lower right.

JACH487-Latham Landing. Jan 1911.