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AD513-Peter Rabbit is the animal on this Quaddy card by Thornton Burgess (pub.) and drawn by Harrison  Cady.  Used with 1916 cancel.  Light corner wear; overall VG+

AD595-A French divided back.
Almost Logo-like oil ad on front. Artist signed in upper right.
Unused, very slightly larger than standard. EX

AD586-This French ad shows a wax bust, signed Pierre Imans.
Lots of advertising on back. Info, including Paris address on reverse. Canceled, VG+
$ 45.00

AD585-This roller rink is in Grand Rapids, Mich. Name of proprietor and time of day open is given on front. Cancel of Feb.21, 1911 on back with extremely light and small amount of handwriting. EX

AD583-Young girl with a Fisk tire. Unsigned.  Copyrighted by Fisk in 1911. Unused, near Mint.
$50.00 SOLD

AD581-The first international hunting festival in Vienna, 1910. Card has "official" postcard back plus a souvenir, Vienna, stamping. Signed at bottom: A.G.
Unused, EX+

AD577-Auto driver with Dunlop Pneumatic Tires shoots at wolves. Signed at bottom left, (Bozun?) Undivided Back. Un, EX.

AD579-Indianapolis Brewing Company. St. Louis Expo. Undivided back, unused.
VG+, tiny wear at corners.

AD592-One card from a set of the Gold Dust Twins.  Undivided back, Un, EX

AD589-A white cat lies beside a big round of Parmigiano cheese.  Additional  ad on back for Parma, Italy. Unused, undivided Italian back.  EX

AD578-A nice lace-making card, "article Cluny."  Writing on back includes date of Dec. 16,1918.  Wob., one small crease near top left top, perforated top edge.  Un, VG

AD506-Three men with billiard heads play over a table; the card's perspective disguises whether these men are very short or whether the table is unusually high. A great ad for the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company.  Two white and red heads look at a set-up of two white and red balls.  190... as it states on front (type is printed in card).  Kept in album; EX.

AD505-This card is from the famous Byrrh series of over 100 posters.  It's attributed to F. Renard.  Red, black and white against a blue/green sky make a very effective palette. 
Un, very light foxing on back, overall VG+.

AD551-Almond cookies from Leon Marin et fils; Geneva and Bellegarde.  Art Nouveau border, early undivided back,  EX

AD501-This linen image (from  1940's era) shows a bunch of 'cuddle toys' with prices listed on back of card.  A great looking card with images of a giraffe, a black "Mammy" doll, a duck, "Marianne," a chick and a dog.  Un, very light coloring along back edge; overall EX+

ad261sm.jpg (2728 bytes) AD261-This image shows an 'electrified' athlete charging out of a bottle of tonic (Chanteclair).  The black background with green/yellow text are super choices for this image.  An early French issue.  Un, EX

AD502-Little Jack Horner sits in a corner is the theme of this Swift's Premium Butter ad.  So we have both nursery rhyme and ad together for this set.  Un, EX+.

ad263sm.jpg (4144 bytes) AD263-Boxes of Philips light bulbs ("Philips Argenta") are being loaded off a large ship.  The title of the card is "Moustinga retourne triomphant" and the back goes on to explain that he didn't want to go back to the home of his ancestors without this vote for civilization. French back.  Un, EX

ad245sm.jpg (2805 bytes) AD245-This very sensual image shows a woman in a yellow dress reclining at a provocative angle in a bed of coffee beans to advertise 'Caffe Breda.'  The artwork is done by a very talented illustrator, Gino Boccasile, who also did some great propaganda and military issues. Slightly larger than earlier vintage issues at approx. 4 by 6 inches.  Un, EX

ad254sm.jpg (2443 bytes) AD254-This is the United States card in a beautiful series of "nations" which features an appropriate image for each nation, the flag of the country, and a stamp.  It was issued by "Chocolaterie d'Aiguebelle" and printed in France. Un, early undivided back, minimal corner wear, EX

ad253sm.jpg (2986 bytes) AD253-This poster art card was one in a series issued by the Tuck Company to promote Esperanto as a universal language.   The heads of 5 men from different continents alternate with the points of a   pentagram. Un, a few very light scratches on surface, one tiny black speck; light surface soil on back; overall VG+

ad247sm.jpg (2581 bytes) AD247-This great image of a Native American draped in a red robe and wearing horns on his head was issued by the Beckwith Company of Dowagiac, Michigan.  The back of the card has a black and white line drawing of a Round Oak Copper-Fused Boiler-Iron Chief range.  The title is "Plea for Peace."  Un, very light shading of paper along border and back due to age; minimal corner wear; overall VG+

ad243sm.jpg (3495 bytes) AD243-A jack-in-the-box offers a doll a box of cookies, "Biscuits Victoria."  Product was made in Belgium.  I've been looking for 'jack-in-the-box' motifs for many years and this is one of the very best I've ever found.  Un, early undivided back, EX

ad213sm.jpg (3764 bytes) AD213-This real photo advertising postcard for eyeglasses made by the American Optical Company is terrific in more than one way.  It has a crisp, thoroughly professional finish and it was laid-out on a 45 degree slant! It has another feature of interest as a Century of Progress expo issue, and a very scarce one at that. Un, light silvering on surface; overall close to Mint.

ad230sm.jpg (3002 bytes) AD230-The poster art on this 1922 exposition postcard for an International Art Festival in Venice shows an intricate  sketch of sailing ships behind a large pillar.  The work is signed by noted Italian artist, Cisari.   Issued in Italy.  Un, near Mint

ad182sm.jpg (2880 bytes) AD182-This poster style postcard advertises a very rare subject:  Paul Brann's Puppet Theater.  The artwork is by Julius Diez of Germany (1870-1950) Un, one very light surface crease to the right of puppet's face on green curtain...very light and hardly noticeable; overall condition is VG+

ad183sm.jpg (2377 bytes) AD183-The woman in this ad for cologne, "Acqua Colonia Russa," is dressed in a Russian costume with very strong Art Deco styling. Over the years I have seen a few other different cards from this Milan, Italy store (or perhaps manufacturer) and they are all superb.  Uncommon.  Un, EX

ad167sm.jpg (2792 bytes) AD167-This elegant poster postcard was used to advertise a postal stamp show held in Vienna in 1911.  Text at bottom gives location (Secessionsgebaude), times and price of admission.  The reverse carries an 'official' postcard printing and cancel.  Card carries the artist's logo and date of 1911.   Not sent, EX

ad177sm.jpg (2231 bytes) AD177-This poster advertising postcard for tobacco has a strong 'Deco' style.  Note how the colors used to define the woman's face are the same colors of the flame to which she holds her cigarette.  Uncommon.   Issued in France, Un, handwriting across back of card; EX

ad146sm.jpg (2207 bytes) AD146-This very romantic version of air travel  was issued by the 'Societa Aerea Mediterranea' in Rome.  Two desert nomads watch the approach of a sea-plane.  Signed by Italian Deco artist, Corbella. Poster-style art.   Un, EX

ad174sm.jpg (3040 bytes) AD174-A bottle of Scott's Emulsion: Cod Liver Oil appears beside the lovely chromolitho image of a mother giving a dose of this stuff to her baby.   The product name also appears on back of card along with "for coughs, colds, lung troubles and building up after illness..." Cod liver oil was a common tonic in the early twentieth century. PU 1912, VG++

ad136sm.jpg (2468 bytes) AD136-Baseball is the theme of this great Poster postcard designed by Norman Rockwell to raise money for the Fatherless Children of France.   Published by Whitney.  Un, EX

ad129sm.jpg (3579 bytes) AD129-Cards in this series advertise various Westinghouse Products.  This one shows a wife "cooking hubby's breakfast right on the table with the Westinghouse Electric Toaster-Stove."  Un, wob, VG+

ad124sm.jpg (2674 bytes) AD124-A blacksmith works on horseshoes for the MenzEase Company..."comfort and long wear." Scarce subject to find on advertising postcards.  PU 1910, light corner wear; overall VG+

ad119sm.jpg (2978 bytes) AD119-Wonderful poster art card done for 16th International Exhibition of Art in Venice, 1928.  The artist's signature is Rosso.  Un, wob,  light bump to lower right corner, overall VG++

ad122sm.jpg (2572 bytes) AD122-Here is a 1902 ad issued for the International exhibition of Decorative Art Moderne in Art Nouveau in English.  A lovely and early chromolitho.  PU 1902, the date and name appear in faint ink on front and there is a slight album impression on lower right but card is very clean and I would still rate it VG++
ad127sm.jpg (2456 bytes) AD127-Quiet colors and excellent design are the hallmarks of this poster ad for a horse fair in Verona, Italy.  Published in Milan, Italy.  Un, EX

ad110sm.jpg (3116 bytes) AD110-Simple design plus great color equals effective poster for Quaker Puffed Rice.  Three canon explode clouds of rice with the product name.  CP, PU 1907, EX

ad197sm.jpg (3132 bytes) AD197-This postcard is #46 in the long series published by the Schmidt Company   This card was undoubtedly intended for toy stores or manufacturers.  Copyrighted 1909.  Un, EX