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AN610-Quality early card of horse going over barricade and losing the saddle and rider. European card with undivided back, unused, EX
AN611-This steeplechase card pictures 4 riders (very colorful) on their horses. Pub. with the top-notch printing of Meissner & Buch, series 1898. Unused, EX
AN531-Dan Patch is shown in harness.  Early, undivided back, unused.  Light corner wear, overall VG+
AN533-Four mice artfully keep a "wide berth" from a trap.  Postal usage 1909;  light corner wear; overall VG+
AN534-An embossed card from P.F.B. shows mice going through a hole.  This is an early card with an undivided back.  Very small and light handwriting on front; overall EX
AN524-A large white rabbit sits in front of a pot of violets.  Two large eggs, one red and one blue/purple, are off to the side.  M. M., Vienne and top quality. Printed in Austria.  Used but not posted.  EX     

AN525-Three parrots roost on an apple blossom tree.  The card has a standard German back.  Un, EX
an189sm.jpg (3429 bytes) AN189-Birds land and perch on a fence.  This delicate drawing is signed by the artist, Ellen Welby.   It's an early issue by Tuck ('Birds and Blossoms, #585) with undivided back.   Un, wob, short message written on front; overall VG++
an185sm.jpg (2008 bytes) AN185-A pretty woman dressed in drab colors gives a treat to a vibrant parrot.  Artwork by Court Barber.  Logo of W.S.S.B. on reverse.  Un, one tiny line mark middle bottom; overall EX
an186sm.jpg (2842 bytes) AN186-A pig family walks through the snow.  This an early chromolitho issued by A. & M. B. Company who published some very high quality animal series early on. Un, early undivided back, EX
an170sm.jpg (2641 bytes) AN170-This early postcard has a super close-up real photo image of a parrot with glass eyes and hand-tinting in vivid but pleasant colors.  Un, message in French on back dated 1927.   Minimal corner wear at bottom; small piece of tape applied to back to prevent glass eye from loosening; overall EX
an174sm.jpg (3763 bytes) AN174-This real photo postcard has a crisp, close image of a Bay Belgian stallion named "Rageur de Blyckeer" owned by J. W. Twigg of Beach City, Ohio.  The photographer's stamp on back is: Green, New Philadelphia and Uhrichsville, Ohio.  Un, EX