JACK391-An early aviator in a hydroplane.  The back of card has the name of N Bond, opr.

JACK392-Aviator Val Bnettner and his mechanic B.L. Donald

JACK393-An early British warplane, 1909.

S,G G., copyright 1 Military Series.  On front, F. Scovell, Photo.

JACK394-Close-up of Wm. S. Brock, America's youngest aviator.

A small insert shows him flying, 1000 ft. high.

JACK395-A Burgess airplane is hoisted on board.  Dated on back Nov.27, 1911 in handwriting.

JACK396-An early hydroplane built by the man who is seated in his plane, Burgess of Marblehead, Mass.

JACK397-A Naval training machine made by Boeing in Seattle, Wash. Flew from Hampton Roads to Aeronautical Expo New York, Feb 25, 1919.

JACK398-Close-up of E. Baumann.

CANCEL: Very light but has British stamp and handwritten message dated 1914.

JACK399-photo image of Tony Castellane.  Stamp on back identifies photographer as W.A. Bates of Mansfield, PA. 'Bates' marked on front also.

JACK400-Close view of Frank L. Champion (handwritten). Photo stamped  on back: by studio of T.A. Manning of Long Beach, Cal.

JACK401-"Ready to Go"   Moisant Monoplane; Frank Champion aviator.

JACK402-A very nice view of "Senor Chavez crossing the Simplon Pass in a Bleriot Monoplane, Sept. 1910." Written on back.

JACK403-Clayton Craig printed on tail.  Back has studio but hard to read.

Perhaps Ditchburg is the location. Photographer's name is in script and illegible.

JACK404-Close-up photo of  M. Christiaens.  A slip of paper included with postcard  states that it was the Baltimore Meet,

Nov 6-12, 1910.  Other details of meet on slip of paper.  Card is printed on early British back.

JACK405-Spectators take great interest in Cody's Waterplane in this unusual shot.

Done by Scovell & Co, in Aldershot.

JACK406-Close-up view of an early airplane in Sandusky, Ohio.

JACK407-Weldon B. Cooke, Oakland's favorite sky pilot. A souvenir of the Oakland-San Francisco Meet, Feb.17-25, 1912

JACK408-On back, card says this is Herbert M. Dailey.  "Old Glory"

(1910) had a 40ft. span and a 5ft width of wing (handwritten on back).

JACK409-Earl S. Daugherty in Somerville Biplane, Coal City, Ill.

Photo by Anton Cinotto. Coal City, Ill. Daughery himself was from Long Beach, Cal.

JACK410-Airplane at S.D. State Fair, 1911. "Root" photo.

JACK411-Aviator Dixon who made several flights in (S.D. or N.D), and was later killed in Seattle.

CANCEL: Oct. 26, 1911 from Williston, N. Dakota

JACK412-1911 S.D. State Fair.  Dixon's "humming bird."

JACK413-The State Fair, 1911, at Huron, S.D.

CANCEL: Huron, S.D., Oct. 11, 1911.  The handwritten message

notes "the aviator has since been killed and was only 20 years old."

JACK414-A Curtiss Biplane wrecked near Spokane.  The aviator, Cromwell Dixon, was killed. Oct.2, 1911

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