JACK572-Cal Rodgers in Vin Fiz flyer. Middletown, NY.


JACK571-Cal Rodgers, N.Y. to Cal. flight, 1911.
JACK570-"Ready to start," C.P. Rodgers
JACK569-Another view of the Vin Fiz flyer. Note banner.


JACK575-Wreck of Rodgers plane in Middletown, N.Y.
JACK574-Another view of Rodgers' wreck in Middletown, NY.

CANCEL: Middletown, NY Sept. 25, 1911. Very clear.

Signed on front by photographer.  It's obvious from tone of 573, 574, and 475 that they are from same studio.

JACK573-And yet, another view of Rodgers' wreck.
JACK579-Rodgers arriving in Salamanca, NY.
JACK577-Rodgers' biplane wrecked near Salamanca, N.Y.
JACK576-Close-up of Rodgers at Howell (?), 1911

Appears to be signed at bottom right.

JACK580-The Vin Fiz wrecked in Huntington, Ind, Tobias Studio.

Super rare.

JACK581-Abernathy Kids in Rodgers' Trans-Continental Biplane.
JACK583-Close-up of Rodgers "dipping" in water at Long Beach, Cal.

CANCEL: Dec.26, 1911, Long Beach, a bit blurred but readable.

JACK582-A view of Rodgers' finish at Long Beach. Top left has handwritten note that he was killed shortly hereafter.
JACK584-"Rodger's [sic] after landing at Long Beach," on crutches! 
JACK586-Two images: one of Cal Rodgers and the other of his wrecked airplane.
JACK585-Wreck of Cal Rogers in which he died.  Message about it handwritten on reverse.

CANCEL: Los Angeles, Apr 8,1912.  Clear cancel.

Small Booklet, 7 pages plus outside pages (2).  A little larger than a postcard.  Has great cross section of flyer with numbered identification.

Vin Fiz advertising on back.A n interesting assortment of info inside included note by his 'postmistress' wife who would take postcards to his plane.