JACK787-"Ely (an aviator) alights aboard U.S.S. Pennsylvania. San Francisco Bay, Cal."
Back identifies photo:  Chas. Weidner of San Francisco, Cal.

JACK853-Getting ready for a flight, Fresno, Cal. Great close-up.

CANCEL: Fresno, Cal., Mar. 2, 1910.

JACK854-The first aeroplane flight over Juneau, Alaska. August 16, 1920. Dated handwritten message on back but not cancelled.

JACK855-Hydroplane, Aviation Week, Aug. 12 - Aug.21, 1911, Chicago, IL.  Rare photo view.

CANCEL: Aug. 21, Chicago, Ill. 1911.

JACK856-International Aviation Meet.  Chicago Aug. 1911.

JACK857-International Aviation Meet. Rare photo.

CANCEL: Chicago, Ill. Aug. 14, 1911.

JACK858-Airplane under tent. Back says, "this is same one that was in Oklahoma Jan.4-11."

CANCEL: Emporia, Kans., May 3, 1911.

JACK859-"The wrecked aeroplane"  July 4, 1911.
Stamped on back by W.H. Sargent of Pittsfield, Mass.

JACK860-"Lt.Payerisch and Major Peterson in airplane that fell at Seabreeze, Fla  Mch (most likely, Mar) 16, 1919."

JACK861-Hydroplane, 2nd. Div.

CANCEL: Texas City, Tex. Jul. 3, 1913.

JACK862-The side of the Fokker plane says, "Detroit Arctic Expedition." Colored real photo by C.P. White.

JACK863-"See World's Largest Airplane at International Air Races. Dayton, Ohio. Oct.2,3,4, 1924."

CANCEL: Dayton, Ohio Sept, 1924

JACK864-Aviators at Freeport, IL.  Wrecked Machine,
Smith Studios.  Pencil written on back:  Aug. 30,31 1911.

JACK865-"Winner Class A, Holman, pilot,
N.Y. to Spokane, Nat. Air Derby, Sept. 21 - 25, 1927."

JACK866-"Butte-shop" Hot Springs, N.M. There is plenty of white type above image of hydroplane.  I believe it lists an Italian flyer.


JACK867-Seaplane, Naval Training Station, San Diego.

CANCEL: San Diego, Cal, March 1, 1918

JACK868-Wright Bros. Aeroplane in flight in Princeton, IL. July 3-4, 1911.

JACK869-1909 Tinted photo by Seabrook Bros.

CANCEL:  Washington, D.C., Sept 12, 1909.

JACK870-Exhibition card of Wright at Pau, France
1909.  Printed, well-done.

JACK871-"Daily Mail" Waterplane Tour, 1912.

Organized by the Grahame White Aviation Co., LTD
70 HP Henry Farman waterplane. Made in Britain.