JACK488-"Prof. Langley's Machine."

JACK490-Curtiss? in a Langley airplane.

CANCEL:  Hammondsport, N.Y. Apr 30. year date not clear.

JACK491-Howard Le Van at Elkhart, IN.  Photo by Inbody.

JACK492-Close-up of Le Van at Elkhart.

An Inbody photo (on back).

JACK493-Copyrighted by Benham Co, 1910.  Inset of aviator at top left.

JACK494-Longren and his Biplane, ready for flight. Large type on left back advertises the Aviation Exhibition, Racing, League Ball Games and 13th Cavalry Band on July 9, 10, 11.

CANCEL: Council Grove, Kans, July 3, 1912.

JACK495-Super close-up of A.K. Longren, "Aviator Topecka I."


JACK496-A.K.Longren leaving the earth. La  Crosse, Kan, July 24, 25, 26. Cottage Studio Photo.

CANCEL: La Crosse, Kans. Sep 1, 1912.

JACK497-Topeka I- Young Aviation Co.  Built by Longren Bros.

JACK498-Topeka I  in flight

JACK499-A photo of Lindbergh is inset over his plane. The plane is the "Spirit of St. Louis."

JACK500-Lindbergh beside his "Spirit of St. Louis."

JACK501-A good close-up of Lindbergh made in France, AN, Paris.

JACK502-McCurdy's Silver Dart, making first flight in the British Empire. Baddeck N.S. Feb 23rd, 1909.

CANCEL; Manchester, VT sep 1, 1934.


JACK504-J.A.D. McCurdy Biplane (#21) at Chicago Aviation Meet, 1911.

CANCEL: Chicago, Nov. 13, 1911.  Chicago real photos are much harder to find. There are a few scattered through here; try aviator's name.


JACK505-Wreck of McCurdy Biplane at International Aviation Meet, 1911.

JACK506-Mc Curdy and Ward, #4.  Birdmen. Very clear photo.

JACK507-McCurdy's aeroplane by U.S.S. Paulding. Copyright

1911 by R W. HARRISON, Key West.

JACK508-McGoes's Wreck, Langdon, N.D. Aug.11, 1911. Photo by Hultstrand.

JACK509-Mickey McQuire, the "Wild Irish Rose of the Sky."  Photo by J. Inbody.

JACK510-McMillen biplane. Sender says it was a very successful flight and names the people at the site on the back.
JACK511-J.C. Mars in a Baldwin.  Chicago.

CANCEL:  Chicago, 1911, Aug 18.
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