JACK512-"Mars first flight in Montana, Sep 26, 1910."

CANCEL: Helena, Mont. Aug. 5, 1911

JACK513-The back of card states it's Bud Mars' machine, Dixon, Ill.
JACK514-Didier Masson's biplane at Peoria, Ill., May 3, 4. 5, 1912.  Photo from REX Studio #2.
JACK515-Didier Masson over Jacksonville, Ill.  Vail Photo.
JACK516-Didier Masson flying at Jacksonville, Ill.  Another
C.B. Vail photo; June 12,1912.
JACK517-Aviator D. Masson at Jacksonville, Ill.  Another
C.B.Vail photo.
JACK518-Capt. Mattery's areoplane. No cancel, but original hand-writing on back which dates this card Oct.19, 1910
JACK519-"Moisant winning Statue of Libery race Last, 3 1/2 miles at rate of  104 miles an hour."  Photo by Repro Co., 259 W. 42nd St., New York City.
JACK520-Another photo of Moisant winning the "Statue of Liberty" International Race.
JACK521-Moisant just crossing the English Channel, en route from Paris to London.  Repro Co. photo.
JACK522-Moisant's accident; Oct. 23, 1910, Photo copyrighted by Cole Co., Asbury Park, N.J.
JACK523-Moisant's airplane in a tent.
JACK524-Moisant airplane at the Nebraska State Fair, Sept. 1912.
JACK525-Handwritten note on back of Mr. Boyd Millen.
JACK526-"The Flying Dutchman"; Harry C. Miller.  Aviator with Lewis Aero Exhibition Co. Ingram (Pittsburg) PA.

CANCEL: partially cut off at top. Dec. 9 clear.

JACK527-Aviator Miller's Last Flight at Troy, Ohio.  Sept 22, 1911.

CANCEL: Piqua, Ohio. Oct.(?) 1911.
JACK528-Nels Nelson, aviator at Mercer Co. Fair.
Photo by E.T. Carlson, Aledo, Ill.
JACK529-Nels J. Nelson; inset of aviator and larger image of  his plane in flight.  You can see the distant images of people watching.
JACK530-Nelson on Calumet Co. Fair ground, Chilton, WIS.
JACK531-Important photo of the opening of the St. Petersburg-Tampa AIR BOAT LINE in a Benoist airline.
JACK532-First Woman Passenger on the St. Petersburg-Tampa Air Boat Line.
JACK533-Opening day of St. Petersburg to Tampa flight.
JACK534-The First Commercial Airline in the U.S.
JACK535-Lots of people watching St. Petersburg to Tampa "Benoist." Photo stamp on back is Van de Venter & Sons, St. Petersburg.
JACK536-The St. Petersburg to Tampa plane.