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Please note that we are selling a collection of over 900 early photographic aviation postcards here.  Cards below represent our individual offerings in the category of aviation.

AV601-An overview of the Oakland Municipal Airport.  Promotional message on reverse for expansion. The San Francisco Bay is clearly visible. Unused,  linen period card, EX.
; AV524-This card is from a rare series published as an advertising issue for Pan American World Airways, "The System of the Flying Clippers."  Each card pictures a strong drawing of 'a preview of tomorrow's flying clippers.'  This card has an interior view. Un, no major defects, EX
ra230sm.jpg (3713 bytes) RA230-This card is from a rare series published as an advertising issue for Pan American World Airways, "The System of the Flying Clippers."  Each card pictures a strong drawing of 'a preview of tomorrow's flying clippers.'  This card has a cross-section showing   "private club" comforts.  Un, no major defects, VG++
AV523-This is a very early, very scarce airline interior on a U.S.A. Bermuda Clipper.  Text on back of card is:  "The first transatlantic Air Service links New York and Bermuda in five the famous Clipper ships of the Pan American Airways System.  Un, EX
$225.00 SOLD
AV510-This gray interior shot is a very good image of a Lockheed "super G" Constellation. It has a baby front and center in the image. Printed in Germany.  Not posted but dates derivable from logo on back, interior of cabin and clothes.  Un, EX
AV520-The same aircraft as above, Lockheed "super G" but a different image of child and stewardess.  Info on back is in German, of course.  Un, EX


AV501-The text at the bottom of the image give the best description of this image:  Pilots at Control of  D. C. 3.  The photo was by W. Hoff, the official photographer of La Guardia Field.  A beautiful shot of the controls.  Un, EX
AV502-A super close-up of the 74 passenger Pan-Am Airways Clipper.  With a crew of 11, the total was 85. This image says it is getting the photo as it leaves L.A. for New Zealand, which was over 8,000 miles.  Honolulu was the first stop at, 2507 miles. Un, EX
.00 SOLD
av206sm.jpg (3132 bytes) AV206-This postcard commemorates the first airmail flight between Tokyo and Osaka in 1919 and carries the appropriate stamp and cancel on left side of image.  Note the plane flying over Mount Fiji.  Done with the usual exquisite taste and restraint of early Japanese art cards.  Un, EX
av202sm.jpg (3131 bytes) AV202-This early Eastern Airline Advertising postcard (Silverliner) features a group of male flight stewards.  This is an interesting image due to the later dominance of females as stewards.  Note the clever pattern formed by the group of men.  PU 1941, EX
av190sm.jpg (3285 bytes) AV190-This early American Airlines postcard features a view of the interior of their Flagship Pullman-Style Sleeper Plane,  a 'luxury' liner that spanned the continent overnight.  Info on back says this was only Sleeper plane service in America.  Un, EX
av150sm.jpg (3283 bytes) AV150-This is a terrific close-up real photo of an early 12 passenger Goliath Farman commercial plane. Postcard was published in France.  Un, written message on reverse, EX
av163sm.jpg (3541 bytes) AV163-This real photo postcard features a close-up view of the airplane G. Curtiss flew at Rheims, France.   The record set is listed on card.  Also note the small photo of Curtiss inset into the upper right corner of card.  Un, early CYKO stamp box, there is black marker on back where someone crossed out the message but this doesn't effect the front of card.   There is some light silvering of the photo which is common on old photos; overall VG++
$75.00 SOLD
av160sm.jpg (3230 bytes) AV160-A very crisp real photo of Aviator Harry Atwood and his record breaking Burgess-Wright Airplane.  After flunking out of M.I.T. Harry became enthralled with the idea of flying and entered the Wright school in Dayton and became a noted barnstormer in 1911.  He made and held for some time several long distance flying records.  He lived to be 83.  Un, early CYKO stamp box, EX
av153sm.jpg (2578 bytes) AV153-Air France is one of the major lines of today that got into commercial aviation early on.  This French postcard gives a good view of an early 10 passenger plane, tri-motor.  Un, some very minor aging of paper; VG++
av142sm.jpg (2907 bytes) AV142-This is a crisp and clear real photo of 5 balloons (all named) that participated in the famous Coupe Gordon-Bennett, 30 September, 1906.  Issued in France.  Un, EX
$150.00 SOLD
av152sm.jpg (2510 bytes) AV152-In 1908 and 1909 Orville Wright did a series of exhibition flights to convince the U.S. gov't to buy his airplanes.   This image is of one such flight in Fort Myer, VA.  Card was published by B.S. Reynolds Co. of Washington, D.C.  Un, some light edge wear along right side of card; overall VG+

av101sm.jpg (2599 bytes)

AV101-Ad for Chicago & Southern Air Lines, a 21 passenger DC-3 transport. Commercial photo, Un, wob, slight corner wear.  VG

av148sm.jpg (2708 bytes) AV148-This is a very crisp real photo showing Roy Knabenshue's airship "ready to start." On the front of card the location is given as Collingwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio; the photographer was S.H. Knox.  This card is postally used from Toledo, Ohio, Nov. 23, 1908.  PU, EX

tr105sml.jpg (2893 bytes)

AV105-Eastern Airline Interior.  The Silverliner. BW, Un, EX.
av147sm.jpg (3172 bytes) AV147-This is not a postcard but a very unusual piece of Lindbergh ephemera...the plane can be moved across the card to simulate the actual flight path.  On reverse there is a meaty paragraph giving lots of info about flight.  There are a few minor creases in board and some light foxing on surface; overall condition is still very collectible and mechanical part works fine. Card measures 8 by 5 1/2 inches. VG+
av144sm.jpg (2515 bytes) AV144-This card commemorating Lindbergh's New York-Paris Flight, May 21st, 1927 was actually sold as a souvenir of the flight. The two flags above his portrait is a nice touch.  Un, EX
av112sm.jpg (3095 bytes) AV112-Laborde y Martull, 1926, Guantanamo.  Real Photo, Un, EX
av113sm.jpg (3020 bytes) AV113-American Airlines.  Sepia-toned print, Un, near Mint.
av117sm.jpg (3101 bytes) AV117-Real Photo of Curtiss flying boat, Naval Air Station, San Diego, 1918. Un, wob, EX
av118sm.jpg (2803 bytes) AV118-Scarce ad for the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser.  It was issued in Europe.  Un, EX
av119sm.jpg (3481 bytes) AV119-Early interior of TWA Douglas luxury airliner.  Pre-1940 issue. Un, has two very light creases only noticeable with scrutiny, VG+