JACK749-A Bleriot monoplane in flight.
JACK750-This monoplane is parked on the street, like an early auto!
JACK751-On back: "Taken Sept. 4  1911. The initials, E.G. I. (Eagle Grove, Iowa).
JACK752-This early biplane is not marked but has a European back.
JACK753-Not marked but has handwriting on back that identifies the location as Iowa.
JACK754-Message on back is very interesting as it written by the aviator himself.

Mentions "a view of my new machine" and "my first flight in the air." Signed "Arthur"

CANCEL: Summit, N.J., 1911, July 24.

JACK755-"I saw it fly in Seneca."
JACK756-The balloon has an ad for the Examiner. Looks like "Saw it in the Examiner."
JACK757-Biplane before flight at Dawes Co. Fair, Sept. 12-15.
JACK758-Pinedo's plane on Medina Lake. Card has great detail.
JACK759-This multi-wing plane has this message handwritten on back, "in album / Carl family, Harlan, Iowa."


JACK760-Handwritten on back: "hand-built glider, 1909."
JACK761-Photo scene near New Butler, Wis.
JACK762-Ready to start at Concordia Fair.
JACK763-Handwritten on back, "Pilot Sandt.  Erie, PA.  LaJeau(sp?) Bike Shoppe."
JACK764-There may be 2 planes in this image.  Side of plane with its nose in the ground states, "Lundy's Lane, July 25th, 1814."  This is obviously not the date of the photo, so I suspect it's the founding date of the business.


JACK765-Glendive, Mont.
JACK766-Dakota Mayflower.  Copyright applied for by Dewitt C. Dorman. "Hart Photo" written on black background at lower right.
JACK767-A great postcard: close photo of a Douglas Mail Ship.  Back states this is Bellfonte, PA, circa 1925.
JACK768-May be Claremont, N.H. June 17, 1911.  Schmidt.
JACK769-Real photo of a seaplane attached to the boom
of a battleship.
JACK770-Another view of a balloon with an "Examiner" ad printed on it,  and a nearby plane.

CANCEL: Sandusky, Ohio, 1913.  Light receiving cancel for Gettysburg, Ohio.

JACK772-"A man (hunts?) from a Antoinette Monoplane." Photo by Benham Co, Los Angeles, official photographers.
JACK773-A patrol plane on the Bay of  Biscay.  Copyrighted  by Martinson, Tiffany, N.Y., 1919.
JACK774-Two men sit in a biplane at Taylorville, IL.
JACK775-Someone has written on the back that this is Baraboo (Wisconsin).
JACK776-First seaplane on Newfouund Lake at Prince's Place, Bristol, N.H. Handwriting on back gives date as the week of Aug. 4, 1921.
JACK777-"Machines detailed from San Diego Aviation School to find airmen lost in the Sonora Desert in Mexico."
JACK778-Flying over O.R.I. and P.R.R. yards, Silvis, Ill.
JACK779-A Burgess-Wright Aeroplane in flight. Photo by Moehring & Groesbeck, Lynn, MA.

CANCEL: Worchester, Mass, Sept.(?) 1911.

JACK780-Photo done by Barnhill's Studio.  St. Petersburg, Fla. In the front seat was Lt. Whitesides, who was killed, and in the back seat was Lt. Ferguson, who survived. Jun 1919, Florida.


JACK781-An early helicopter (?).  French photo.
JACK782-Interesting handwritten message from man who saw plane flying over Coronado.

CANCEL: Coronado, Jan 31, 1910. Bottom of cancel too faint to read.

JACK783-Message (handwritten) on back "airship that was here during the races.

CANCEL: Canton, S.Dak., Aug.15. Very clear.

JACK784-A view of an aviator from Ellen J. Williamson. Stamp is a more modern 1-cent, although the card appears to be vintage.

CANCEL: Middlebury, Mar. 29.

JACK785-Mayor. E.T. Buckingham in Curtiss Machine,
Bridgeport, Conn, May 11. M.P. Studios stamped on back, Brigeport, Conn.
JACK786-Photo of Air Mail Hanger in Bellefonte, Pa.
Sager photo on front.