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PA401-Uncle Sam looks at a young Dutch girl while a flotilla of ships float in the background.  Artwork by Bernard Wall; card is signed bottom left. Un, emb.  EX.


pa216sm.jpg (2852 bytes) PA216-A young boy holds an American flag in one hand and shoots a fleeing cat with a gun (one hopes a pop gun) with the other.  This is a top quality embossed card with rich colors published by the P.F.B. Company.  Un, wob, Ex
pa219sm.jpg (2896 bytes) PA219-This highly embossed image of George Washington was issued by L. & E. who published most of H.B. Grigg's work.  They did have at least one other artist working for them but the image makes me wonder if Grigg didn't do this one.  Not signed and without the clever verse that is sure evidence.  Series 2228.  Un, EX
pa208sm.jpg (3144 bytes) PA208-A woman in a nurse-type outfit holds a flag with a red cross.  This Decoration Day postcard has the logo of the Woman's Relief Corps, 1883, in the bottom right corner.  Embossed.   PU 1910, light edge wear; VG