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  There is also RA402 for a Communist card, 1936, with a black man running for VP.  Rare. RA is Rarities.
PL260-Note that Teddy Roosevelt is driving a racing car (designed like the American flag) with Uncle Sam.  Published by Loundsbury, 1907. Un, VG+


PL261-William Jennings Bryan postcard,1907.  Copyrighted by
the Platt Music Co. in Chicago.  Shows a musical donkey and Wm. Jennings Bryan saying "yes." Also states that he is the next president. Undivided back with written address.  Cancel too light to read.  Light corner wear; a few small creases and writing on front.  But very scarce and overall VG


PL250-This card is titled, "A bathroom in the White House." It shows a 'teddy' in a bathtub. Cancelled in Flintville, Tenn. in 1911.  EX.
PL251-A real photo of President Taft and 25,000 people which he's addressing. The card is clear so you can see him on a podium at lower right.
Unused, AZO stamp box, near mint.
PL201-This image nicely places the card at August 20, 1907 when Roosevelt delivered his address at the laying of the Corner Stone of the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, MA.  Very light corner wear; un, overall EX
ra113sm.jpg (2965 bytes) PL205-Political mechanical card from the 1908 presidential campaign.  Pull tab and Taft's head appears.  PU, 1908. VG+
pl151sm.jpg (2617 bytes) PL151-This pro-Bryan for President postcard shows a possum (the Bryan 'mascot') dressed as Uncle Sam.   The reference in the verse to 'Teddy Bear,' is, of course, to Teddy Roosevelt.   Published by B.B. of London and New York.  Un, light wear to upper left corner, ''grandma" written lightly at bottom edge, one tiny pinhole at bottom left of text box; overall very clean; VG+
ra198sm.jpg (3195 bytes) PL207-This seldom-seen political postcard from the 1908 Presidential Campaign features two nicely done drawings of the two 'Bills' running that year:  Bill Taft and Bill Bryan.   Un, EX+
ra160sm.jpg (2558 bytes) PA206-This is an extremely scarce novelty card referring to William Jennings Bryan who ran against Taft in the 1908 Presidential campaign.  The card is die-cut so that the 'Billibryanikin" doll pops away from the easel-style background.  Un, some light discoloration of background esp. at bottom but nothing that lessens the image itself; overall VG
pl146sm.jpg (2601 bytes) PL146-Teddy Roosevelt in an Uncle Sam outfit is 'arbiter of the peace' in the Russo-Japanese War but note that he is also a puppeteer.  Artist signed by Nemo in lower left corner.   An early French issue. UN, EX
ra182sm.jpg (2672 bytes) PL208-This very early (1900) and very rare Presidential Campaign postcard issue features William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt.  The card is copyrighted 1900 and was published by Arthur Strauss of New York.  It has the Private Mailing Card back.  Un, some very light wear on left side; really hairline crease visible on back, top margin to PMC writing, barely noticeable. overall VG+
ra123sm.jpg (2847 bytes) PL210-Issued by Socialist Labor Party when located at 28 City Hall Place, New York to promote their cause.  Printed by Franklin Press.  Un, some lite corner rounding otherwise VG+
ra178sm.jpg (2053 bytes) PL209-The image of President Wilson which is inset in the center of this postcard is woven in silk.   There are two variations of this card that I know of:  in one he wears a brown tie and in the other he wears a blue tie (claimed to be scarcer issue).  The card was published in France, Un, light toning of paper due to age on back of card; overall VG++
pl149sm.jpg (2347 bytes) PL149-The scholarly Woodrow Wilson ran for re-election in 1916 on the slogan, "He kept us out of war."  Events forced him to ask Congress for a declaration of war against Germany just 5 months into his second term.   This sophisticated cartoon shows Wilson driving an American army tank with a flag waving behind.  Un, EX
pl148sm.jpg (2688 bytes) PL148-The two men sitting in the old tavern drinking beer are not identified but they are excellent likenesses of William Jennings Bryan and Woodrow Wilson. Wilson was President when the 18th Amendment was passed by Congress.  Bryan was a noted prohibitionist.  The title at bottom is "Grape Juice 200 Years Ago."  The artwork is by Mounsback and card is dated 1915. Un, one light crease near lower right corner; overall VG
pl145sm.jpg (2473 bytes) PL145-A small bird-like Uncle Sam peers up at a frowning Teddy Roosevelt.  This excellent caricature is signed in the lower left section of card.  Early French issue with undivided back. Very scarce.  Un, EX+
pl141sm.jpg (3461 bytes) PL141-This is a very crisp real photo postcard showing Governor Hughes of New York at Lowville, NY.   The photographer's name appears in negative as Shepard.  The card is canceled in Oct. 1907 so I am wondering if this was part of his campaign to gain the GOP nomination for President (he didn't get it).  PU 1907, EX
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pl139sm.jpg (3135 bytes) PL139-I would assume from the dates given under the image of Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt and the overall somber color of the printing that this card was issued as an 'in memoriam' card.   Published by the Collotype Co. of Elizabeth NJ and NY, this is a very uncommon card. Un, some yellowing to paper on back due to age; minimal corner wear; overall VG++
pl136sm.jpg (3659 bytes) PL136-This vintage real photo postcard captures a moment in President Taft's visit to Watertown, Wisconsin on Sept. 17, 1909.  You can pick out Taft quite readily on the photo (scan is not quite as clear). The photo is good enough that you can make out the faces of some of the people in forefront who have turned toward the photograher. Photo was by A.R. Meyers.  Un, early  AZO stamp box, EX
pl131sm.jpg (3424 bytes) PL131-Theodore Roosevelt collectors might want to look closely at this interesting card which pictures the President with other world luminaries (Tsar, Kaiser, etc.) at a banquet at the "Conference de la Paix a La Haye - 1907."  Note the woman with olive branch in hand behind them who is surely the "chimere!" referred to at the bottom of the card.  PU 1907 (strike not complete), some cancel ink on front left side; overall VG
pl135sm.jpg (3824 bytes) PL135-This very early and terrific looking political postcard is featured in Dorothy and George Miller's "Picture Postcards in the U.S., 1893-1918" (the bible of postcard collectors). They mention that Julian Ralph, a Hearst writer, did an article on postcards in Europe in 1902 and used this particular card to drive home his enthusiasm for the hobby to the American public.  It is a very attractive card:  The American Flag fills the background; a real photo of Roosevelt is surrounded by a 'unique' embossed border.   Un, early undivided back, very slight edge wear; overall EX
pl137sm.jpg (3182 bytes) PL137-A photo portrait of Teddy Roosevelt  is flanked by an image of the Czar and the Mikado and surrounded by some ornate graphics.  This card was issued to commemorate the treaty signed to end the Russo-Japanese War in 1905 in Portsmouth, NH.  Un, early undivided back, EX
pl130sm.jpg (3038 bytes) PL130-This real photo postcard of President Theodore Roosevelt with his sons is a nifty portrait copyrighted by Pach Brothers of New York, 1907.  Card was issued by Rotograph. Un, EX
pl128sm.jpg (3177 bytes) PL128-This real photo postcard of Stalin, Truman and Churchill was taken at Potsdam, July 17, 1945.  It's a very clear image, and a nice capture of a historical moment even if Churchill does have his eyes closed!  Stalin arrived by train because he was afraid to fly (only flew once). Published in Amsterdam.  Un, EX
pl126sm.jpg (2226 bytes) PL126-This caricature of Stalin is from the same set as the one which shows Hitler and Churchill (and no doubt, others for a total of perhaps 6). Un, some darkening of board due to age; overall VG+
pl119sm.jpg (1911 bytes) PL119-One card from an attractive set "Aux Allies" published in Paris.  Each card represents a different nation as symbolized in the woman-butterfly's wings.  This card is for Montenegro. Un, EX
PL106sm.jpg (2478 bytes) PL106-Woodrow Wilson: issued for 1912 Presidential campaign. b/w/sepia, sm. corner crease upper left, foxing on back.
PL107sm.jpg (3407 bytes) PL107-Wm. Taft, issued for 1908 Presidential campaign.  CP, Emb, Un, EX
PL108sm.jpg (3539 bytes) PL108-Taft, 1908 Presidential campaign. CP, Emb, Un, VG+
PL111sm.jpg (3320 bytes) PL111-Taft, 1908 Presidential campaign, another variation of design for this set. CP, Emb, Un, small lite stains at top.
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PL112sm.jpg (3168 bytes) PL112-Taft, 1908 Presidential campaign, yet another design variation.  CP, Emb, Un, lite edge wear.
pl115sm.jpg (2603 bytes) PL115-Really nice professional photo of one of the greatest statesman the world has ever known, Winston Churchill. Published by Photocrom Co., London.  Un, EX
pl133sm.jpg (2551 bytes) PL133-The image of Churchill printed on this card was taken from a photo by renowned photographer Cecil Beaton.   The text beneath picture gives us one of his rousing statements. Card was published by the Tuck Company of Great Britain.  Un, EX