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ra238sm.jpg (2706 bytes) RA238-This early Santa H-T-L has a lovely image of a red-suited Santa handing out treats to 3 young girls.   The Christmas tree is die-cut so that it appears illuminated when held to a strong light.  This is a rare early chromolitho with undivided back.  PU, writing along bottom front because you could only put address on back of early cards, overall VG++
ra240sm.jpg (3057 bytes) RA240-From an appearance standpoint this has got to be one of the best Santa H-T-L's.  It has a complicated but clean image of little angels helping Santa.  The rich colors are wonderful.  Note that Santa is handing a cookie to one angel.  The die-cuts (when held to strong light they appear illuminated) are balanced so that almost all parts of the image have some...the fruit, the windows in house, the grill work behind Santa, his cap, etc.  Unsigned work of Mailick. PU, very light corner wear; overall a very clean card, VG++
ra221sm.jpg (2916 bytes) RA221-This Thanksgiving Day postcard published by the Winsch Company is not only a Samuel Schmucker design but also a very scarce novelty issue.  The Indian maiden holding the large white turkey is actually printed on a different layer of paper which has been die-cut and attached to the background card stock with a tab.  The result simulates a 3-D effect.   An issue in this great condition is usually considered a great find.  Un, wob, EX+
$150.00 SOLD
ra219sm.jpg (2626 bytes) RA219-A super rare full silk postcard with a Samuel Schmucker design:  two tiny cupids with ink bottle and pen surrounded by a heart.   A lovely Valentine Day design.  Not identified as Winsch but has that company's postcard back.  Un, beautiful near Mint condition.
$200.00 SOLD
ra213sm.jpg (2495 bytes) RA213-This Hallowe'en postcard is among those which are the most avidly collected.  Referred to as the "black background Clapsaddles" for obvious reasons.  In this image the doll-like child throws an apple peeling over her shoulder.  The superstition has it that whatever letter of the alphabet the peel resembles when it falls will be the first letter of her future husband's name.  Published by Wolf.  Stamp and message on back but not cancelled.  Faintest suggestion of crease in upper right corner; some light foxing on back of card only; overall VG++
ra214sm.jpg (2570 bytes) RA214-This Schmucker design of a woman representing Spain is one of an elusive 10 card set published by the Detroit Publishing Company known as "The International Girls."  Each card represents a different nation and obtaining all 10 of them can take many years of ardent searching, especially in clean condition.  Un, slightest trace of corner wear; overall card is super clean, EX
ra206sm.jpg (2001 bytes) RA206-The beautiful head of a woman in a bonnet arises from the smoke of a corncob pipe.  The artwork is Samuel L. Schmucker; the card was published by Detroit Publishing Company.   This card is titled "Maud Muller" and is from the "Smokes" set.   Un, one very tiny black line above image on right side; very light wear along top margin; overall card is very clean; VG+
ra180sm.jpg (3697 bytes) RA 180-This postcard featuring a group of Suffragettes at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, NY, is packed with great visual content.  Note the "Victory New York 1915" printed on the top of tent.  The handwritten message on back mentions "My dear Lizzie, your nice little folder came this morning.  Do you see yourself on the other side?....B."  Very very scarce issue; Un, wob, EX
ra163sm.jpg (2938 bytes) RA163-The blue-suited Santa against a blue night sky makes a very different looking but very attractive Hold-to-the-Light Christmas postcard.  Beside many small die-cuts (the Xmas tree, star in sky, etc.) the lantern in the center of card has a large die-cut which produces a nice effect.  PU 1908, some very light corner wear; overall EX
ra162sm.jpg (2722 bytes) RA162-Although this is a printed card the red-suited Santa and children have the sharp detail of a photographic image.  The Xmas tree, the fireplace, and the trim and backpack of Santa's suit are finely die-cut.  Un, wob, EX