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Directory of Postcard site links:

spac100.gif (98 bytes)  This site is a web guide and online resource for collectors.  They cover the whole range of antiques and collectibles and, most importantly for our hobby,  feature extremely helpful info for postcard collectors.  Their aim is to help the collector find both information and good sources of supply on the web.

cunetworkSm2.gif (2268 bytes)  A professional auction site offering weekly auctions in coins, stamps, records, antiques, postcards and more.    Jim Mehrer’s Postal History and Postcards. Mail bid sales, supplies, reference literature and show calendar for collectors. Also contains more than 20 other dealers’ sites.

Postcards i
Everything Postcards, from Action Cat Postcards to Wholesale Postcards.  Offering quality vintage postcards for
collectors of art, history, memorabilia, antiques, photography, topicals, and the postcard.  The auctioneer Franz Meixner is one of the leading auctioneers for vintage postcards in Europe.  Up to 5 great auctions, each with over 10,000 lots take place a year.  Vintage Postcard Store for collectors. Postcards.  Offers a continuously growing selection of vintage postcards.   online auction. Takes patience but carries an unpredicable assortment, mostly topicals such as roadside and photo-related. Deryk and Brenda Whitfield operate a vibrant online sale site of several thousand fully illustrated cards.  Buy and Sell old postcards, old stamps, postal
history, antiques and collectibles!

Cool Card's Post Office  Send a cool card from this site or buy a cd with images and database software or just find lots of links to auctions and other postcard-related sites.

JR's Postcards 'n' Things  They have been dealers for several years and collectors for even longer! They carry several thousand cards in stock at any given time. Their web site has hundreds of cards for sale with scans of each.  Send your Want Lists and see what they can help you find.

John's Used Books  Used books at affordable prices, postcards for the collector of memories, and beautiful frameable picture cards.  Site of Walt's postcards.  1,000's of postcards.  Most with scans & postcard info.

e-logo.gif (5379 bytes)   Postcards from Slovakia (technics, gallery, interest, magazines, exhibitions, auctions, advertising, meetings-exchange, links,... ~  the best collection of hard to find vintage postcards!


Stamp Site Links:   Rare stamps and philatelic covers for sale and also includes philately information for stamp and postal history collectors.

Stamps catalogue:  Cyber Stamps is your online world's largest Stamps resource for all your rare & collectible stamps

Non-Postcard Sites of Interest:

Portholes: poetry on the move.  Current and not so current poems by serious writers.

Soundbookone website of composer and video artist Jennifer Stock   Japanese Manufacturer of fine writing instruments since 1919.  Fountain pens, rollerballs, PDA stylus pens, and more! is an online shopping mall which has gifts for all occasions.  They offer thousands of online gifts at affordable prices - delivered direct to your doorstep!

CUSTOM BINDERS: Manufacturer of custom binders, poly binders, vinyl envelopes, pocket calenders, presentation folders, checkbook covers and other quality information packaging - Forbes Products

Video Professor has been using the power of television to sell its products. You may have seen the Video Professor commercials in the form of infomercials

Exhibition Stands: The leading Exhibition Stand Design and Build Contractors based in london offering free Exhibition Design Services from Award winning Exhibition Designers and Portable Display Systems at the most affordable prices in the UK.

Retail Display Systems



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