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SP651-A woman golfer and her caddy are smiling.  Beautiful poster art done by a Paris firm as an advertising card for Auvergne.  Name of the elite on back at top. Unused; EX


SP656-An early view of a European mountain climber by the name of Peter Lipf.  Back with special cancel of "Krottenkopf Hutte" and regular cancel in Bayern.  Light corner wear; overall VG
SP650-A young lady on ice skates holds two snowballs.  Quality, early postcard.  Postal usage 1926.  EX


SP622-A young man, with an eagle overhead, stands in front of his flag.  From athletic games in 1925. Postally used 1925, very small, light crease in lower left; overall  VG+
SP625-A real photo of a famous boxer, Joe Charpentier, in classic boxing stance.  Photographer's stamp on reverse, "Halleux...Antwerp." VG+
SP620-This poster art card features a family roller skating on a wood floor.  Dated 1953, Un, EX
SP623-A young man with a flag dominates the right half, while lots of birds fill the left side.  Official stamp on back but no date.  Signed.  Ex
SP616-A young man in gym pants holds a metal weight over his right shoulder.  Signed above his right foot. Un, very light corner wear; overall VG+
SP615-Two gymnasts appear in the image of this poster art card from Prague.  One has a black bird over his head and a very long wreath around his neck; the other is lifting a flag.  PU, VG++
SP613-A naked cupid plays the "National Sport" of baseball.  He has a heart-shaped ball and base.  The letters spell "Your'e Out"  The cupid is embossed.  Un, two very light brown spots on back; overall VG++
SP617-This linen-advertising card, late 1930's to early 1950's, shows the interior of the Sunset Center in Hollywood, CA.  Un, Mint
SP511-This is a Mexican real photo postcard that shows 9 different images of bullfighters.  I would have thought they were all sons of the woman pictured in  the small circle but they are named differently so I imagine that the woman is a bull breeder!  Anyway, they are far too handsome for one person to care about!
Un, Mex. RP back; EX
SP500-A bicyclist by the name of Max Duwel of Berlin models the newest version of the Polack-Reifen.  (And an early racer).  The company's logo also appears on the back with early PU.  The stamp has been removed   but there is no damage to front; VG
sp167sm.jpg (2763 bytes) SP167-A very self-satisfied man stands with an oar in front of a background image of a row boat.   An interesting sports caricature!  Un, light surface scuff on back (small) and one very light crease in center top edge; overall clean condition, VG
sp166sm.jpg (2978 bytes) SP166-A tartan frame encloses an image of a Scottish youth with golf clubs.  Published by B.B. of London and New York.  Un, EX
sp169sm.jpg (3627 bytes) SP169-This early "Gruss Aus" card shows some children having fun ice-skating.  The art was drawn by the famous illustrator Arthur Thiele and is a great example of an early issue by him. Un, early undivided back; one tiny scuff in surface on right part of lower edge (not eyesore); overall VG+
sp159sm.jpg (2310 bytes) SP159-A professional ice-skating team in great performing outfits (satin, or some very shiny material was used for the fabric) pose for this real photo.  "The Jewels" is written in ink along the bottom edge.  The card has a German stamp box.  Un, VG+
sp150sm.jpg (2580 bytes) SP150-This vintage European real photo gives an excellent portrait of a man dressed in climbing gear of the day and ready to climb some formidable mountain.  Handwritten note at bottom makes a reference to his destination.  Early postal usage of 1901.  VG++
sp146sm.jpg (2989 bytes) SP144-This finely drawn image does double duty with a sports theme and ethnic theme.  Note the young black caddy.  A really nice touch is the bag of golf clubs which is used as a bottom border to image.  Artwork by F. Earl Christy.  Very uncommon.  Un, near MINT
sp143sm.jpg (3214 bytes) SP143-A very uncommon image of three black children playing golf.  It is difficult to see what the young girl is about to hit with her club but it doesn't look like a standard golf ball.   Titled "Black Tee." Copyright 1905 by the Detroit Publishing Company.   PU 1909 although is earlier card with undivided back; tiny crease in lower left corner, overall VG
sp135sm.jpg (3367 bytes) SP135-A very nice fishing-theme card done by American Art Nouveau illustrator S.L. Schmucker,and published by John Winsch Company.  Cupid has two hearts on the end of his line...bait or catch? PU, looks like 1911 date, EX
sp130sm.jpg (2811 bytes) SP130-A very Victorian image of a young man on a rose covered two-wheeler. Card has gold border and is nicely embossed. Un, wob with date of 1908.  Very light corner wear; overall VG++
sp131sm.jpg (2408 bytes) SP131-A most unusual image of a skier!  The outfit on the man has a bird-like effect.  Card is from Czechoslovakia so if you read the language there is some text on back which might deepen the meaning. PU (date not readable), VG++