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AR203-The great ballerina, Anna Pavlova.  Beautiful profile shot.  Note the halo-like light surrounding her upper body.  The back of card has Italian stamp (Pavia) and cancel.  Silvering at bottom where photo is darkest.  Ballerini & Fratini, VG.
AR204-Miss Vesta Tilley in very feminine dress.  Note jewelry which is ornate but gorgeous. Rotary Photo, Un.$30.00


AR200-The great Isadora Duncan. Real photos of her are scarce. Un, EX
AR201-Evelyn Nesbitt posed this photo herself. Hand-tinted gravure.  Photo by Rudolph Eichmeyer.  Early, undivided back, un, EX
$95.00 SOLD

AR166-An early card from Shakespeare's "As you like it."
Published by the Nister Co., chromolitho, undivided back, Un, EX


AR164-The over-sized eyes belong to Maude Fealy (identified in lower right) and were published as part of a set of "Beauty's Eyes." by J. B. and Co.  Used, London 1910; small visible crease at lower left; overall VG
ar156sm.jpg (2120 bytes) AR156-This vintage real photo postcard has a super close-up of the famous Russian ballerina, Lyubov Roslavleva.   As the daughter of a bankrupt army officer she got her original training as a ward of the state.  Went on to dance important roles in Bolshoy Ballet, and in St. Petersburg.  From this image I would say she had a very compelling face, especially the eyes. Died in 1904.  Un, early undivided back, EX
ar144sm.jpg (2045 bytes) AR144-A real photo close-up of the 19th century Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, who is considered the father of modern drama.  Published by Bruder Kohn (BKWI) of Austria.  Un, some light silvering due to age; overall EX
ar153sm.jpg (2493 bytes) AR153-This commercial real photo features an excellent close-up of Lewis Waller in the role of "Sir Walter Raleigh."  Published in Great Britain and postally used from there in 1910.   One very tiny crease in white border to left of image; VG++
ar119sm.jpg (2254 bytes) AR119-Real Photo of Margot Fonteyn and Robert Helpmann in "Facade".  This card is postcard size but has a plain unprinted back.  VG+
ar145sm.jpg (2697 bytes) AR145-A postcard from a beautiful Shakespearean set (series 45) which depicts the lovers Posthumus & Imogen.   Published by Faulkner.  Designed in England but printed in Germany.  Un, EX
ar120sm.jpg (2225 bytes) AR120-Vintage real photo of the lovely Lillian Russell. Un, undivided back, EX
ar101sm.jpg (2285 bytes) AR101-Shakespeare: Petruchio in scene from Taming of the Shrew. Chromolitho by Tuck Pub., Un, undivided back, one corner crease.  VG
ar138sm.jpg (2274 bytes) AR138-A real photo profile portrait of famous stage actress Maud Adams.  Published by Rotograph.  Early undivided back.  Un, very lite corner wear, VG+
ar104sm.jpg (2195 bytes) AR104-Shakespeare:  Macbeth, Act V, Sc I.  Printed in England, CP, Un,
Also included but not shown are Henry V, Katherina, Rosaline, and Hamlet himself.  All drawn by illustrator, Marjorie Bates.  EX
$75.00 for 5 cards.
ar105sm.jpg (2289 bytes) AR105-from a series on Lohengrin.   Handsome chromolitho.  Un, undivided back, EX
ar109sm.jpg (2569 bytes) AR109-Louis Vernassier, transvestite musical prodigy. b/w print, French, Un, small mark at bottom otherwise EX
ar112sm.jpg (3075 bytes) AR112-Mmes Desire, Lobstein, Viollat and Chabot of the Paris Opera ballet. Real Photo by Tuck Pub.  Un, wob, very slight corner wear, VG+
ar113sm.jpg (2628 bytes) AR113-Sarah Bernhardt and Bartet in a scene from "La Nuit de Mai." Real Photo, Un, some silvering, VG
ar114sm.jpg (2395 bytes) AR114-Real photo of Pichard, ballerina at Paris Opera.  Un, EX
ar140sm.jpg (2591 bytes) AR140-This card was issued to commemorate Sir Henry Irving, 1838-1905, 'one of England's greatest actors.' At bottom right is a photo of Irving as The Vicar of Wakefield. Published in England, Un, EX
ar116sm.jpg (2088 bytes) AR116-Katarina from The Taming of the Shrew, Act IV, Sc III.  Chromolitho pub. by Tuck, Un, undivid. back, EX