JACK734-Amelia Earhardt and L. Gordon fly monoplane from Trespassy Bay, Newfoundland to Burry Port, Wales, in 20 hours and 4 minutes, June 17, 1928.

Original print free of scanning grid. Printed 1930 Exhibit Supply Co.

JACK735-Ruth Law and passenger.

CANCEL: Daytona Beach, Feb. 11,

1913, Fla.

JACK736-Mlle Helene Dutrieu in a Farman biplane.  French issue, printed.

JACK737-A great photo which not only shows the aviatrix but also a passenger on far right who sent the photo!

CANCEL: Daytona Beach, Apr. 18th. 1914

JACK738-Katherine Stinson at Camp Kearny.  Beautiful photo, rare. Kearny Photo.

Message on back is neatly x'd out.

JACK739-Rare photo of  Katherine Stinson and the world's champion roper, Tex McLeod, at a stampede.  Message on back.

JACK740-Pearl White at Aviation Field, Garden City, L.I.

Back has Excelsor trademark and type that states card was published Post Exchange Concentration Camp. One cent stamp box.

JACK741-Mlle. Dutrieu, "The Lady Flier."  See above. British post card.

JACK742-Baby Jumbo.  The Daily Mirror.  The elephant in the image introduced to Mrs. Stocks, the air woman at Hendon.  1912 handwritten on back.

JACK743-wonderful photo of Ruth Law in a Curtiss plane.

JACK744-Early woman aviator in a hydroplane.

JACK745-A TUCKS photo of Amy Johnston.  She flew from England to Australia in a second-hand "Moth" airplane in 28 days, 18 of which were in the air.

JACK746-A German photo, Frau Melli Beese-Boutard.

JACK747-Miss Nardini, British close-up by Topical Postcard Co., Winton, Bournemouth.

JACK748-Miss Ruth Elder flying over the Statue of Liberty.  Postcard made in France!

circa, 1927.

  FOLD-OUT, Ruth Law

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