JACK714-A great photo of Ruth Law, signed in photograph.

JACK715-A great close-up of Ethel Dare, signed in photograph.  Ms. Dare was a stunt pilot.

JACK716-A close view of Miss Ruth Elder and George Haldman. 

JACK717-Miss Blanche Stuart Scott.   See text at bottom of card.

CANCEL: "Offical International Aviation Meet post office" (very light at bottom), plus Los Angeles, Cal. Jan 21, 1912 , Aviation Station, very clear. Also "Aviation Field" printed in waves leading from cancel.

JACK718-"Before the Flight." see #725.

JACK719-French Aviatrix, Mme.La Baronne de Laroche in a Voison biplane. Multiple French cancels, 1910.

JACK720-Evelyn Sharp of Ord, Nebr.  The nation's youngest aviatrix.  Government Private License no. 34711.  Back has more info plus the printing by a company in Fort Wayne.  The card does not have any scanning marks and is very clear.

JACK721-The French aviatrix has signed this postcard but the name is illegible.

JACK722-I beleve this to be another photo of Ruth Law.  Back says, "Iowa."

JACK723-Another shot of Ms. Blanche Scott ready to take off.  Bottom says it is a souvenir of Oakland, San Francisco Aviation Meet, Feb. 17 to Feb. 25, 1912.

CANCEL: Aerosplane Station, Oakland, Cal,

Feb 17, 1912.  Super clear.

JACK724-Mademoiselle Marie Marvingt.

French issue, may be autographed and back message is probably from her: "Marie." Original does not have scanning marks.

JACK725-Back of card states, "Mrs. Simpson" 1919

JACK726-Photo may be signed on back by aviatrix, Weld(on).

CANCEL: Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. July 4, 1921.

JACK727-Close-up of Amy Grant, English Aviatrix of note.

JACK728-Miss Julie Clark, "daring girlbird."

CANCEL: Milwaukee, Wis, May, 1912.

Message on back mentions air meet at fairgrounds.

Back also notes that card is being carried to Milwaukee by aeroplane.

JACK729-A German woman flyer next to her Wright Biplane.

JACK730-Mme. La Baronne de Laroche in her airplane. Original photo by "ETOILE" 2. on the rue Amsterdam, Paris.

JACK731-The back states this is Ruth Law. A great photograph.

JACK732-A real photo close-up of Mrs. Stocks

CANCEL: British, very faint.

JACK733-Photo of H. Dutrieu, "the lady flyer".

British back.

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