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PA405-A highly embossed profile of Lincoln which is nicely airbrushed.  It has a Langsdorf logo on back. Unused, near Mint
PA250-Airbrushed with unusual care in red, white and blue.  The "4 July" stands in the background and is reflected in the water. Embossed. MAB  Publishing Co.  Pu, Date early but unreadable, VG+
PA251-Two small sailor boys and one girl sit on top of a present with pink stripes and   firecrackers - lots of them!  Yellow stars in a gold background fill the top.  Embossed, Nash Comp., Un, EX
PA252-Initialed by H. B. G. this card shows a small Washington hacking down a Cherry Tree and being reprimanded.  Usual witty verse accompanies the drawing.  L & E series 2268, lightly embossed, Un, VG
light abrasion near lower center...beneath brush...but balance of card is fine.
pa218sm.jpg (4146 bytes) PA218-The extreme close-up of a boy in a sailor outfit appears against a colorful red/white/blue background with firecrackers and stars.  This card is from the Nash Company's 'series 5' and is quality printed and embossed.  Un, EX
$35.00 SOLD
PA199-The Statue of Liberty emerges from the smoke fired by a cannon.  This quality postcard was published by the P.F.B. Company (series 8252).  Rich colors and expert embossing give the card strong eye appeal.  Un, EX
pa198sm.jpg (3053 bytes) PA198-This quality image of Uncle Sam holding a turkey was issued as a Thanksgiving Day postcard but it competes with some of the best images done for July 4th.  The red, white and blue of the flag motif is cleverly repeated in the dress of Uncle Sam...note his vest and tie as well as the hat.  PU 1908, minor corner wear; overall VG++
$37.50 SOLD
pa184sm.jpg (3672 bytes) PA184-The Loundsbury Company published a well done set of patriotic cards featuring images of Uncle Sam in 1907.  In this image, Uncle Sam looks out a window at some children firing a cannon.  He is writing, "By the grace of God, free and independent."
Uncommon.  Un, VG++
pa181sm.jpg (3027 bytes) PA181-This July 4th postcard was published by the P.F.B. Company, famous for its use of deep rich colors and great embossing.  A boy with a large American flag sets off a frame mounted with firecrackers.  Series 8252.  Un, date written at bottom on front of card otherwise very clean; VG+
pa183sm.jpg (2724 bytes) PA183-This WWI patriotic issue pictures servicemen on either side of a Boy Scout holding a large American flag.  The title says: "Our stalwart defenders of the red, white, and blue...preparedness is the best guarantee of peace."    Artwork by Wallace Robinson.  PU 1917, some light wear around edges and corners; some light 'tanning' of white borders due to type of paper used at this period; overall image is fine and card very collectible; VG
pa144sm.jpg (3121 bytes) PA144-This young Lady Liberty is a card from the Tuck Publishing Company's 'Independence Day Series 109.'   Note the American flag backdrop which is a unifying design element in all the cards of this series.  PU 1909, a few faint traces of cancel ink above the word 'of,' overall condition VG+
pa165sm.jpg (3277 bytes) PA165-A very young Uncle Sam appears against the flag backdrop of the colorful Tuck Publishing Company's "Independence Day Series 109." Un, wob with date of 1907, EX+
pa160sm.jpg (3166 bytes) PA160-A large profile image of Uncle Sam fills this good-looking July 4th postcard. The red, white and blue design is finished with a narrow gold border.  Also, note the way the firecracker smoke rises to form the writing at top. Un, light corner wear; overall VG+
pa113sm.jpg (2490 bytes) PA113-Unusual Abraham Lincoln card published by The Rose Company titled, "Lincoln the Martyr." Has Lincoln's famous quote "With good will toward all and malice toward none" at bottom left.  Un, wob, dated 1909.  Light pen signature at bottom margin; otherwise EX
pa176sm.jpg (3108 bytes) PA176-This card features a fabulous image of Uncle Sam arising from the smoke of a stack of firecrackers at bottom of image.  The colors are vibrant and the registration of the image is crisp and attractive.  Published by the Nash Company.  Un,   extremely light edge wear; EX
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