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RA404-A 1912 Halloween drawing by Samuel Schmucker.  Published by John Winsch; part of a harder to find second series.  PU 1912, light corner wear, overall EX
RA402-Not only is this political campaign card Communist but it shows the Vice-Presidential candidate who is a black man.  A great card, very very rare.  Used 1936.  Reasons why you should vote communist listed on back.  Light wear but overall VG
ra246sm.jpg (2944 bytes) RA246-An Uncle Sam Santa on embossed board sports a fancy outfit with a Christmas tree, 2 flags, and 2 batches of toys.  Two children wait behind a green door.  The novelty editions are harder to find than the plain master designs although both are difficult to find. Very light paper attached to top of door (really light) and small smudge mark in pack that rests against snow.  PU, dated Philadelphia, 19(12?); VG++  Original has excellent focus and embossing.
ra231sm.jpg (2882 bytes) RA231-When you turn the wheels on the side of the card the woman's shirt appears to be moving.  This is one of the best looking 'kaleidoscope' novelty post card issues.  It is the one which has the French back which doubles as an ad for ERA "margarine aux fruits d'Orient." Un, very light traces of age; overall VG+
ra220sm.jpg (2720 bytes) RA220-This Maxfield Parrish Advertising pc
rarely comes up for sale. It features a reproduction of a lovely painting by Parrish that was done for the buffet room at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, California. The image is the Pied Piper leading a bunch of kids through a nighttime mountainous area. Text on the back of the card reads: "Meet me at the Palace Hotel, San Francisco, in 1915" making it a pre-expo issue for the big Panama Pacific International Expo.   The card is longer and slightly narrower than the standard issue, measuring
3 in. by 6 3/4 in.  Un, one very tiny crease in lower right corner; light bump to upper left; overall a very clean card with no major defects, VG++
ra151sm.jpg (2845 bytes) RA151-Early Real Photo of the Titanic.  Basic info on sinking of this ship appears along bottom edge.  Un, has early AZO stamp box used between 1904-1918.  EX
ra164sm.jpg (3577 bytes) RA164-The beautiful drawing on this Santa H-T-L is by the artist Mailick and the card is signed in bottom left corner.  Four different angels help Santa with his sled of toys.   Card is die-cut delicately on obvious places such as Xmas tree, stars over angels head, moon, etc.  PU 1909; some very light corner wear; overall VG++
ra122smfr.jpg (2442 bytes) RA122-This card was issued by the Socialist Labor Party, 45 Rose Street, New York.  It features a black/white line drawing of workers circling a globe (solidarity of labour) with Freedom presiding at top.  Back of card carries Socialist logo. Un, EX
ra129sm.jpg (3286 bytes) RA129-All the Detroit Publishing Company cards by F. Remington are very hard to find. This postcard is titled "His First Lesson" and has a copyright date of 1903.  Un, undivided back, Near MINT
ra102sm.jpg (2852 bytes) RA102-Blue-robed Santa 'guillotine' mechanical.  Pull the tab and picture changes to two boys, one picking apple from basket.  CP, PU 1914, in Ex shape, esp. for mechanical.
ra184sm.jpg (3435 bytes) RA184-This early card features the Chicago National League Ball Club, 1906...the "Cubs" pennant winners.  The names of the players appear beneath their picture.  Un, card has early undivided back used 1901-1907.  Light corner and edge wear with one small crease in bottom right corner; overall VG
ra125sm.jpg (2785 bytes) RA125-This is not only an important card in the history of the Socialist Party but is also beautifully executed.  The center of the card holds a photo portrait of Pablo Iglesias, one of the founding fathers of the Socialist Party in Spain, surrounded by a fancy border with drawn vignettes representing the working man.   At top of card is Long live the Spanish Republic and date 14 April 1931.    Made in Spain, Un, Near MINT
ra138sm.jpg (3304 bytes) RA138-This is an interesting and rare card on several different levels.  It is an advertising card for the self-starters put on all Cadillacs.  It is also a great 'toy' card as it shows a miniature Cadillac purchased by H.M. Queen Alexandra for Crown Prince Olav.   PU, Great Britain, light ink stain on right margin and handwritten message on top left which reads, "My brothers kiddies in car before it was delivered to Prince.."  VG+