JACK836-The U.S.S. Akron, "Queen of the Skies."

Copyright Sitvas Studio

JACK837-The Vaniman Wire-Wound Dirigable. Marked as Smith photo. The back is stamped "Real Photograph printed from negative by Harper B. Smith, Atlantic City, NJ."

JACK838-Inside of the Mooring Mechanics.  Published by 19 Park Place, NY City photo, Empire State Building.

JACK839-The maiden flight of the U.S.S. Macon. Photo by: M.D. Walters. Akron, Ohio.

Facts of length, etc. printed on back.

JACK840-The French Dirigable "La Ville de Paris."

Flown by M. Henri Deutsch. 

JACK841-A balloon run by G.A. Young in Edmore, Mich.

Handwriting on back but no cancel.

JACK842-The balloon reads, "Belmont Sisters,  Seed City, Mich.

At bottom, card says:  Ashland, Ohio

JACK843-Balloon Ascension at the fair, Hicksville, Ohio.

JACK844-A close-up of  airship.

JACK845-Aboard the U.S.S. Macon.  Photo published by Milton D. Walters,

East Akron.   Facts about the Macon are printed below (on back).

JACK846-Airship at the fair.  Early, undivided back. Rec'd and Sending cancels.

Trenton, N.J CANCEL clear.  Rec'd in NJ town unclear. Both have 1906 dates.

JACK847-Just before the flight at Bryan (OH) Home Coming, Aug., 12, 1909.

JACK848-A beautiful close-up.  Cleveland, Ohio written on back.

JACK849-"Vaughn's Last Attempt at Bryan's Home Coming" (Ohio) Fri. 13th

JACK850-More than a little grim, this card shows the last flight of Chas.D.Jones in the Boomerang which was destroyed by fire.  Sept.2, 1908.

Waterville, Wis.

JACK851-Roy Knabenshue above Toledo, Ohio, published by J. H. Knox.

CANCEL:  Toledo, Ohio, Nov. 23, STA,B

JACK852-An early balloon.

CANCEL: Unclear, bottom has ND showing which may be Indiana as card is sent to Forest, IN.

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