JACK788-An actual photo of the Hindenburg disaster,
Lakehurst, N.J., May 6th, 1937.
Stamped on back: Genuine Photograph-The Garraway Corporation, Rutherford, N.J.
JACK789-Coupe Gordon Bennett.  30 Sept. 1906.  Balloons are identified.
JACK790-The Hindenberg at N.A.S. in Lakehurst, N.J.
JACK791-A promenade aboard the Hindenburg.  Stamped on back.
Also stamp (in red) of  Zeppelin on back.

JACK792-Strobel Airship, Ohio Valley Expo, photo by Arcade Co, Cincinnati.

JACK793-Roy Knabenshue Ready to start.
Collingwood Ave. Toledo, Ohio.  Published by S. H. Knox Co.

JACK794-Stroebel Airship, Westfield Fair, NY

JACK795-Close-up of airship.

JACK796-The photo of these airships was taken
by McLeod Studios, Greenville and Vandalia, IL.

JACK797-French Airship crashes. "La Republique"

25 September 1909.

JACK798-Two airships, probably St.Louis, MO.
#2 on back of flying airship. 

CANCEL: Sending cancel, St. Louis, Nov.2, 1907;
receiving cancel Darby, Pa, Nov.4, 1907

JACK799-The "Deutschland" airship in flight.

Sent to South Bend, IN from Tubinsen, July 10,1911.

JACK800-Interesting photo done by Ellsworth, Meadville, PA.  Note young men on roof of 2nd story of bar.

JACK801-Nice close-up of balloon with American flag in basket.   "This one shows the last one leaving."

JACK802-The "Zeppelin" in flight with image of
Graf  Zeppelin inset. Commercial photo, of course.

JACK803-Difficult photo to find:  the interior shot of a dining room in the Zeppelin.  Stamped on back with the airship's name, Friedrichshafen, (Germany).

JACK804-A sitting room in the Zeppelin.  Rare interior photo.

JACK805-A real photo of a very compact kitchen on the Zeppelin.  Back stamped with the Zeppelin's name.

JACK806-Another real photo of the Zeppelin airship.

JACK807-The Graf Zeppelin with facts printed on back by publisher Milton D. Waters, East Akron, Ohio.


JACK808-Coupe Gordon-Bennett, 30 Sept. 1906. The City-of-London piloted by Butler.

JACK809-Coupe Gordon-Bennett, 30 Sept. 1906. "les Deux Ameriques" piloted by Santos-Dumont.

JACK810-Another view of Santos-Dumont's balloon on 30 Sept, 1906. The Gordon-Bennett.

JACK811-A great close-up Santos-Dumont at 30 Sept. 1906 Gordon-Bennett.

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