JACK319-Baxter Adams' airplane.

JACK320-A super close-up of Baxter Adams.

JACK321-Another close-up of Baxter Adams.  Photo by Obenchain.

JACK322-Close-up photo of Baxter Adams.

JACK323-Baxter Adams flying at Kenmare, N.D. July 4, 1916.

JACK324-A 1912 monoplane by Reinhardt Assmus. 25 hp motor.

JACK325-A different view of above.

JACK326-Harry Atwood leaving the White House, July 14, 1911, after receiving a medal from President Taft.

CANCEL: Washinton, D.C. 1911 July 15.

JACK327-Atwood leaving Toledo on Aug. 17, 191(?).

CANCEL: Toledo, Ohio, Jan. 16, 1914. Very clear.

JACK328-Atwood after landing at Euclid Beach, Aug. 1911.

JACK329-Another view of Atwood flying to Toledo, August 17.

CANCEL:  Toledo, Ohio, Sep 4, 1911. Lightly faded in small places.

JACK330-Atwood at Nyack, N.Y.

Photo copyrighted at lower left; photographers' name hard to read.

JACK331-Harry Atwood and his record breaking Burgess-Wright aeroplane. 

CANCEL: Beverly, Mass. Sept. 11,1911.

JACK332-A great photo of Atwood and a passenger taken by COLE & CO. Asbury Park, N.J. Stamped on back.

JACK333-Atwood at W(?) Bridgwater, Oct.8, 1911. Judson photo.

JACK334-A front view of Harry Atwood's plane. Photographer's stamp (light) on back.


JACK335-Atwoods Hydroplane? Burgess-Wright handwritten on back.

JACK336-Atwood and a passenger at Toledo Beach, June 26,1911.

JACK337-Beachy and Barney Oldfield, "the wizard of the track." An Inbody photo.  A perfect image, with the superior composition that's Inbody's trademark as a photographer.

JACK338-A close-up of Lincoln Beachy by Inbody.

JACK339-Another close-up without idenification.

JACK340-A famous photo of Beachey's flight under the Niagara Falls Bridge. Copyrighted 1911 by Photo Specialty Co.
JACK341-Beachey at Niagara Falls.  Scan, not card, is larger. Inset of Beachey at bottom right.  Handwriting on back from spectator, otherwise unused. 

  JACK342-Lincoln Beachey with passenger.  

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