JACK233-Curtiss airplane, Pennsylvania Naval Test.  See above.

JACK234-A monoplane build in 1912.

JACK235-The Curtiss plane at tip of USS Pennslyvania cruiser. Dated in ink on front, Jan. 18, 1911.
JACK236-A Benner photo of crash at Hammondsport, N.Y.

JACK237-A nice close-up of Curtiss and his plane by Moehring and Groesbeck of Lynn, Mass.

CANCEL: New York, N.Y. Sta.S, Feb.14, 1911. Very clear.

JACK238-An early hydroplane by a publisher in Sandusky, Ohio. E. H. Schlessman, commercial photographer.

JACK239-A Curtiss Flying Boat at Hammondsport, N.Y.

A Bemmer photo.

JACK240-A super close-up of the Flying Boat, early issue.

JACK241-A super close-up of the Curtiss "Flying Boat."

CANCEL: Hampton, VA Aug. 5, 1916.

JACK242-A Curtiss Flying Boat, copyrighted 1915.

JACK243-An early "flying boat."

JACK244-A Curtiss Flying Boat. Very clear image.

JACK245-R.V. Morris flying at Hammondsport, NY.

CANCEL: Hammonsport, NY, Apr 20

JACK246-Close-up of Curtiss and HENRY FORD.

JACK247-A U.S. hydroplane with sailor in front.

JACK248-A U.S. hydroplane being pushed into the water. Easy ID on back of plane
JACK250-Glenn Curtiss plane being pushed into water.

JACK251-Great image of Curtiss plane coming into shore for landing.

JACK252-Early photo of aviator (probably Curtiss) in hydroplane.

JACK253-A great image of Glenn Curtiss in his "Hydro Aeroplane."

CANCEL: Hammondsport. N.Y., Oct 5th.

JACK254-Back of card states, "This is machine 303-A of which I am one.  Bert."  Photo shows clear image of 6 sailors.

JACK255-"Looking over hydro plane before flight."

JACK256-A hydroplane of the Air Station at San Diego, Cal.

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