JACK273-Curtiss flying his hydroplane.
JACK274-Curtiss and his hydroplane (Curtiss is behind the plane). Copyrighted photo, bottom left.  The water in the background seems to have a number of boats; the artificial positioning of these boats indicates potential montage work.
JACK275-Photo of Curtiss plane in GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba.
JACK277-G. Curtiss in his new flying boat.   Photo from Hammondsport, N.Y.
JACK278-Trans-Atlantic flight of NC-4. after its famous flight to Plymouth, England,
May 31, 1919.
JACK279-The "NC-4" in flight.
JACK280-The "N.C. 4" after her victorious flight.
JACK281-Curtiss Biplane.  Photo by International Stereograph Co,
Decatur, Ill.
JACK282-CANCEL: Coronado, Cal. Jan. 26, 1910.
JACK283-A Curtiss Hydroplane ready for flight in
Astoria's Centennial.  Photo signed but cannot make out name.
CANCEL:  very faint but can make out that it is Astoria, Ore.1911,
probably Aug. 25.


JACK284-Curtiss Biplane in flight.
JACK285-Seaplane, Naval Training Station, San Diego
JACK286-A vintage Hydroplane, probably Curtiss.
JACK287-Experimental Torpedo Dropping from Navy Plane!!!
JACK288-A fantastic phot of Glen Curtiss by the famous French
photographer, H. Manuel.  Scan comes out larger than photo which
is standard postcard size.


JACK289-A side-view of Curtiss done in France.  Mentions speed prize
and Gordon-Bennett race. This photo looks like it's printed because of
silvering. but is real photo.
JACK291-A flying machine at the 1913 Fair,
Carroll, IA. Stamped on back as Carroll, Iowa photo.
JACK292-Early unidentified airplane.

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