JACK192-Beautiful close-up of Curtiss Plane.

JACK193-A great close-up of Curtiss.

CANCEL: not until Dec.23, 1959 from Cleveland and stamp on back states, "Duplicates of these cards can be had at A.R Rheinegger, Sandusky, Ohio" $.03 stamp on back.

JACK194-As above but not used.

JACK195-Curtiss at Cedar Point, Ohio.

CANCEL: Sandusky, OHIO, Sept. 15, 1910.

Stamp printed on back :E. Niebergall, Commercial Photography, 408 Camp St., Sandusky, Ohio.

JACK196-Glenn Curtiss Landing at Sandusky after establishing new world record for flight over water, Cleveland to Sandusky.


JACK197-Photo of plane at Cedar Point.

CANCEL: Cedar Point, Sept 2. 1910. Cancel readable but incomplete.

JACK198-Curtiss biplane published by Moshring & Groesbeck, Lynn, Mass.


JACK199-MOTOR ICE BOATING, Curtiss on Lake Keuka, NY

Stamp on back by Benner.

JACK200-A Curtiss Photo from the 1910 Aviation Meet

CANCEL: Hammondsport, N.Y., Sept.28, year date obscured by stamp.

Copyrighted by The Bailey Co. Photo Dept, Cleveland.

JACK201-The Million Dollar Pier in Atlantic City.  Curtiss overhead.

Copyright by McKeague Co,, Atlantic City.  Signed on front and stamped on back. 

CANCEL: Atlantic City, Aug. 25, 1910. Very Clear.

JACK203-Aviation Meet, Atlantic City, 1910. Printed at top left:  "Hubin's Big Post Card Store."

CANCEL: Atlantic City, Jul 25, 1910 and cancel for received at Wenonah, N.J.

JACK204-Glenn Curtiss, Speed Flight. Copyrighted by Benham Co. 1910. Writing on front very faint.

JACK205-Another real photo of Aviation Meet at Atlantic City. Copyrighted by Earl Studio on the Boardwalk, #3.

JACK206-Albert Studio, Arkansas Ave. & Beach, Atlantic City, NJ. Also stamped by Hubin's Big Post Card Store, Atlantic City.

JACK207-Bottom states, "Rear View Curtiss Airplane."

CANCEL:  Savannah, N.Y., May 1912.  Registered but light.

JACK208-"Curtiss at Los Angeles" on back of card, handwritten.

The #9 on the plane means it was part of an exhibit.

JACK209-A close-up photo of Curtiss in his plane a L.A. in 1910.

JACK210-This faded yet viewable photo shows a cowboy below Curtiss flying in "speed contest."  On back:  Photo copyrighted by Benham Co., Los Angeles, 1910.

JACK211-Curtiss at Hammondsport, NY, starting on his bomb throwing tests.  Copyright 1910 by HM Benner.

CANCEL: Hammondsport, NY, Oct 4.  Stamp half-off but no damage to postcard or circular cancel.

JACK212-Curtiss airplane with passenger.  Copyrighted by Benner, 1910.

CANCEL:  Indianapolis, 1910

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