JACK131-Wright Plane; copyrighted by

CM Cramer, 1909 (typewritten on front, bottom).

JACK132-Ditto above; Back states flight was July 30, 1909.  Orville and Foulois right before flight to Alexandria.
JACK133-Wright plane.  Printed.  Back states, "Taking machine out of aerodrome at Wright Brothers Training Ground, Dayton, Ohio."

CANCEL: Dayton, Ohio, Sept., 1910.

JACK134-Wright plane; real photo copyrighted by Callizo photo

French issue

JACK135-The King of Spain, Alphonse XIII and Wright.  Pau, France.  Callizo Photo

CANCEL: double cancel, 1909, French.

JACK136-Wilbur Wright and Zens in an airplane. French, early real photo.

French hand-writing on back, not sent through mail.

JACK137-A great multi-view of Dayton. Ohio.

Ad for 1924 air races.

JACK138-A side view of a Wright plane

Real Photo with AZO stamp box, probably 1924-1949.

JACK139-"Flying with passenger at Wright Test Station. Dayton"

CANCEL:  1910, Dayton (Jun 17)

JACK140-A great Close-up of Wilbur Wright.  Camp d'Auvours. French.

CANCEL obscured.

ND photo

JACK141-Henri Fourier in a Wright plane.

Listed as #8

American back. possibly British

JACK142-Wright in Pau, France.

CANCEL: obscured but probably 1909.




JACK143-A view from a Wright plane,

French issue. Photo by E. Seitz, Pau, France

dark handwriting on front dates it 12(?)-2-09







JACK144-A super close-up Orville Wright, his sister and the King of Spain at Pau.

French issue. Name written on back.

JACK145-Both of the Wright Bros. at Pau. and the King of Spain. A very clear photo from ND, 1909.

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