JACK367-Lincoln Beachey in Flight. Inbody photo. Handwritten on back, "Wis State Fair, Milwaukee, 1914."
JACK368-"Beachey Wins."  Barney Oldfield drives behind (extreme lower left). Inbody photo.
JACK369-Beachey in plane at Pan-Pac International EXPO.  Copyright 1915 as official photo of event, photo by Cardinal Vincent Co.
JACK370-Grim photo of removal of Beachey's body, 1915, Expo. Official photo as above.
JACK371-Alexander G. Bell design, Mc Curdy flying.  Great card.  Never flew.
JACK372-The late Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Graham Bell

Beinn Bhreagh Cape Breton NS.  Made in Canada.  Not used. Early back.

JACK373-F.J. Bell, starting for the clouds, No. l  Glasgow Fair.  Copyrighted 1913 by J.H. Polberg. Glasgow, Mont.

Cancel: Glasglow, Mont. March 10th.

JACK374- Brookins Aeroplane, Chicago. Springfield, Sept 29, 1910. Photo by Post (?), Peoria.
JACK375-Brookins in new Wright machine. Photo by COLE, 1910.  Photographers  Asbury Park N.J. stamped on back.
JACK376-Brookins:  "this is the airship which landed in Stewart's pasture on Sunday."
JACK377- Brookins photo by COLE.

Photographer's label on back.

JACK378-"Brookins waiting for supplies, ?ilman, Illinois."
JACK379-Badger's "Red Devil" Baldwin Biplane Aug 15, 1911.  Chicago 1911 Aviation Meet.

CANCEL: Chicago, 1911, Aug.18

JACK380-Wm. R. Badger...Start of Last Flight, Chicago.

Photo by Hornby & Freiberg.

CANCEL: Chicago, 1911, Aug. 28

JACK381-Badger killed at Aviation Meet in Chicago

CANCEL: Chicago, Ill. Date partly obscured.

JACK382-Baldwin at CASS Co. Fair, Sept 19, 20,21,22 1911.  The back provides info that next to Baldwin is Lee Hammond.

Handwritten message but not canceled.

JACK383-Capt. Baldwin. A handwritten message on back identifies this image as Iowa City, Iowa Aviation Meet at fairgrounds.
JACK384-Webster City, IA. Watermelon Day, Sept. 18, 1912.

CANCEL: Iowa, 1912.  Rest of cancel very light.

JACK385-BENOIST Hydroplane en-route from Omaha to New Orleans at Nebraska City, Nebr. Nov. 8, 1912.
JACK386-Aviator Bonney with Wright Aeroplane at Battle Creek, Mich. July 3, 1911.
JACK387-Wright Aeroplane at Battle Creek, Mich. July 1-4, 1911.

CANCEL: Marsha??, Mich, Aug.(?) 1911.

JACK388-Aviator Bonney and Harry Burt of "Postum" Cereal Co.. July 4, 1911. Signed by Bonney at top...Silvered, so part of photo. Battle Creek, July 4, 1911.
JACK389-Bonney after flight at Battle Creek. The signature, as above, is imprinted in photo.
JACK390-Bonney ready to go.  Photo signed by Phelps.

CANCEL: East Williston, N.Y., July 12, 191(?).

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