JACK213-Curtiss and his airplanes.  A great multi-view by Benner.

JACK214-An early side-view.

JACK215-"Only authentic photograph of Curtiss in Hydro-plane on the first flight from water." Arcade View (address in San Diego on stamped on back.), Jan. 25th, 1911.

JACK216-Curtiss on hydroplane, San Diego, Cal. stamp on back:  Harold A. Taylor, Hotel Del Coronado, Coronado, Cal.

JACK217-Curtiss launching hydroplane in San Diego, Cal. Taylor's name and location stamped on back.  See above.

JACK218-Curtiss alighting in his hydroplane after hitting a dummy battleship with a bomb.  Height 900 ft. Copyright by Benner, 1910.

JACK219-First U.S. hydroplane, 1912.

JACK220-Curtiss flying his hydroplane, San Diego.  Copyrighted by Taylor at the Hotel del Coronado.


JACK222-A great close-up of Curtiss testing a plane's engine.

CANCEL: July, 1911. Cancel not totally registered. Probably an RPO...Whe...Chi...(tr16).

JACK223-Curtiss Biplane at Hackensack Aviation Field, NJ. "Genuine Photograph made by The Garraway Co., Rutherford, NJ."

JACK224-Flying Curtiss Aeroplane, copyright by Benner, 1911.

CANCEL: Corning, NY 1911.

JACK225-Early photo, probably Curtiss.

JACK226-U.S. Government hydroplane bought from Curtiss. (The Navy bought three planes from Curtiss.) Photo by Benner.

JACK227-A photo close-up of Curtiss and Wm. A. Sunday at Winona Lake, Ind. Inbody photo.

CANCEL: Pitts. &.....July 30th, 1911, RPO

JACK228-Probably Cutiss.

JACK229-Curtiss hydroplane at Winona Lake, Ind. Inbody photo (Elkhart, IN).

JACK230-A great close-up of Curtiss in hydroplane.

JACK231-A super photo of the lowering of Curtiss and his hydroplane from the deck of the Pennsylvania.  Loads of sailors in this image.

JACK232-On Feb. 17, 1911 Curtiss flew to Pennslyvania and was hoisted aboard.  Plane was lowered, and he flew back to land.

CANCEL: Hammondsport NY, partly faded.

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