JACK177-G. Curtiss on his motorcycle after setting a world record.  Rare photo and in great shape.

CANCEL: Jun. 30, 1909. Very light registration.

JACK178-Close-up of Glenn Curtiss.  Photo done by Standford (sp?), The Bailey Co. Photo Dept., Cleveland, Ohio.

JACK179-Curtiss flying his airship.

JACK180-Beautiful side view of "June Bug" at Hammondsport, NY.

CANCEL:  Nov. l4, 1908, Hammondsport, N.Y. Clear.

JACK181-Curtiss' "JuneBug" wins Scientific American Trophy,  July 4, 1908. Image copyrighted by Benner of Hammondsport, NY.

JACK182-Another Curtiss-Benner real photo. "He won a title in Rheims, France on Aug. 28, 1909."

JACK183-Another photo of Curtiss in Reims, 27 Aug.,1909. A ROSE photograph.

JACK184-Curtiss (insert) and his plane.

CANCEL: Hammondsport, April 14, 1910. Cancel unreadable over 3 letters at top.


JACK186-Curtiss and a large group of observers.  Photo by Benner.

CANCEL: Indianapolis, IND, Aug 20, 1910.

JACK187-Curtiss in Hammondsport. Photo by Benner.

CANCEL: Hammondsport, Apr. 1st, but year is occluded by stamp.

JACK188-Curtiss in Hammondsport.  Benner photo 1910.

JACK189-Another photo of Curtiss.  Unmarked and it looks like a different type of photo than Benner.

Early, though, and may be cropped across top.

JACK190-Fairly close shot of Curtiss at Hammonsport, NY

CANCEL:  Penn Yan, N. Y., Aug. 24, 1910.

JACK191-Curtiss flying over Lake Keuka at Hammonsport.

Copyright 1910 H M Benner.

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