JACK116-This is a Russian issue of a card of

Wright flying at Mans in March of 1908.

Fancy Art Nouveau back. Logo also.

JACK117-Same image as above, except a French issue without fancy back.


JACK118-Close-up of Wilbur Wright, ND Photo.

JACK119-Wilbur Wright is to the left in this tight-knit group.

French, Probably printed but extremely clear; early 1908.

JACK120-Wilbur Wright and Leon Bollee.  Wonderful close-up,

French, printed.

JACK121-An evening view of the Wright plane with pylon.

French issue, probably Mans 1908.

JACK122-Mrs. Hart O. Berg and Wilbur Wright, French issue,

Le Mans, 1908.  Printed.

JACK123-An inside exhibit of planes. French, real photo.

you can see Bleirot's plane at extreme left.

JACK124-a Wright airplane. Back is stamped.

"OFF FO. ALEXANDRIA" with 'copyright' also

stamped on back in small letters.

JACK125-Wright Aeroplane in Flight, Seabrook Bros.

JACK126-Wright Aeroplane, Bringing Machine...

Seabrook Bros

JACK127-Foulois and Wright.  Returning from

Alexandria. Original message on back about the engine

being the same one in as in a previous plane which crashed.

JACK128-a great side view of Wright aeroplane. Seabrook Bros.
JACK129-"The Start for Alexandria"  Seabrook Bros.

unidentified  handwritten message on back.

JACK130-Taking the Wright plane from its shed.

copyright T. (?) Cramer.

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